10 Types of Women To Never Date or Marry

Hello Gentlemen, today your ALPHA will save your time, money and heartache. Gentlemen, you are amazing and I don’t want your amazingness to fade because we men tend to get really stupid when we’re around pretty girls and this stupidity makes us think that the most terrible girl is the one for us. So today I’m making an attempt to save you guys from being dumb as fuck and make a terrible decision by being with her. Now, this article is not intended to bash women, whatsoever but to make you Gentlemen understand about what you do not settle down for which might make you regret later.

1. The Attention Seekers

They are the ones who are posting shit ton of selfies. At first they’ll give you a lot of attention but soon after you won’t be enough for them, they’re gonna get bored of you no matter how hard you try or how much you hold on to them, they will go out seeking more attention from other people.

2. Friends with her ex-boyfriend

Trust me, it takes one text when she will start hiding things from you and when you snoop and see you’ll be fucking shocked and ask her “What’s the deal with all this?” and all you’re gonna hear is “HE’S JUST A FRIEND”. I mean you really want to deal with this shit that long?

3. A Cheater

I understand that she’ll always have a reason or excuse on why she cheated on her ex but sooner or later she’ll have an excuse on why she cheated on you. I mean we all know cheating is wrong and its better to end things even when it’s the toughest rather than cheating.

4. Who doesn’t appreciate You.

Well its in the sentence, You’re out there getting your ass ragged for the women of your dreams and what she’s always doing is criticising you or not giving you enough credit to be her man which simply shows she has no respect for you.

5. I’m not Ready

Well gentlemen, A woman who keeps coming up with the excuse that she’s not ready every other time and doesn’t seem to be serious about you I mean it maybe because she came out of a bad or volatile relationship which is gonna take time. I mean I commend that she’s honest with you but what I’m not okay with is YOU keep continue to chase her until she’s ready for you.

6. Daddy’s Girl

Well her dad is a man of means and whatever or whenever she needs something the princess goes to her dad with her Prada purse and gets whatever she wants, but then you marry her and sadly you don’t have the kind of money her dad has and you might never be able to live up to that.

7. A Stripper

Yeahh, most of us will be like damnn she chose me out of 100 other men but what you can’t live with is the fact that she’s dragging some other guy’s nuts in the club.

8. Booty Call

Damn sure you’ve heard of this and damn sure you’ve also heard the girl saying “I’m not sure about this and let’s see where this goes.” She doesn’t want a relationship with you but when she needs sex she’s onto you like anything and what she’s doing is only keeping you on the side while her life goes on and I know this is really common these days but if you’re planning to settle down you should be with a woman with high values and sadly she ain’t the one.

9. The Flirt

Girl who’s always flirting with everyone like really everyone which definitely means something is actually going on, it might be because of her insecurity or she loves a lot of attention from a lot of people.

10. The Party Girl

Girl who is always ready to go out and get sloppy drunk. At first, you’ll be like she’s so awesome and you might think she’ll settle down after marriage well she won’t but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be with a fun girl. Trust me you’ll know the difference.

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