7 Tricks To Get Girls Approach You

You’re sick of it. You try your best approaching a beautiful woman but, in the end, you fail harder than a gorilla hitting on a unicorn. Hell, we are living in the 21st century, where women propose to men, why is it still such a big deal for women to approach men? Honestly, it’s not. But you have to meet us halfway. Meaning: Take care of the fundamentals!

1.Use Your Body Language - Over 90% of communication… is nonverbal. Admittedly, we’re not sure exactly how reliable that number is, but body language is indisputably important when it comes to psychological communication.

Build familiarity by subtly copying her posture and her movements. Next, stand at the classically relaxed 45° angle when talking. And finally, don’t stare too aggressively. Women love eye contact but the first thing they look for… is comfort and safety with a guy.

2.Give her permission - Set the stage and make it abundantly clear that you want her to approach.

3.Be Approachable - Everyone knows that handsome guy with a great fashion taste, smooth and wavy hair and stunning smile that makes every woman faint with a moan. But he seems to be unapproachable. And actually, he is. He never smiles back as he knows, he doesn’t need to. Girls always come running to him, at least that’s what he thinks. Looks is not everything and girls fall more often for the friendly, humorous and of course, non-arrogant type. Show her that you can laugh at stupid jokes, smile at her, and show her you’re ready for a conversation.

4.Smell amazing - walk by her at a reasonable pace so she can catch a whiff of your signature scent. Then pass by her again.

5.Posture - when standing and sitting, do it confidently. Alpha demonstrates both.

6.Be on the spot - Be around her. But not stalker-like. Make it easy for her to approach you, give her some glimpses, smile genuinely, leave your group once in a while and see how she reacts.

But what if all signs, like playing with her hair, smiling back and several glances at you, speak for her interest, but she still doesn’t make a move? Well, then I’m sorry, but you need to pull yourself together and go over there!

7.Always dress well - Last but most important. Make sure you took a shower before you walk out your house. Get a clean, preferably non-smelly, shirt out of your closet and wear a pair of nice pants (no stains!). Try to stand out from the competition. Meaning: Don’t dress like everyone else. There are billions of other men out there. Why should she look at you? Dress to express your character.

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