To stay fit and motivated at the same time in a world full of wonderful distractions is simply not an easy task. Moreover, we all already know how tough it is to stay on track with fitness goals. There are simply those moments when one needs to literally struggle to find the strength to eat clean and hit the gym regularly.

We know how difficult it is so here are some genius health and fitness hacks to make your life better.

1. Start your day with lemon wa

2. Join a different gym - switch for new people and new equipment

3. Workout ALONE

4. Fast cardio - cardio when you first wake up. But if you can't, simply don't eat three hours before cardio

5. Use compound movements - like squats and dead-lifts

6. Eat out only once a week and eliminate the crap daily

7. Give your body the proper nutrients needed to heal and rebuild (high quality protein supplement and multi-vitamin)

8. Create your workout playlist.(what works for you music or audiobook)


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