8 Grooming Hacks For All Men

Well your dad has taught many things from riding your bicycle, changing your car’s tyre, how to be gentleman but one thing he didn’t is your grooming to look good and more ALPHA. But why didn’t he teach you this? Because he didn’t have ALPHALOGY back then. Basically, I call these points grooming hacks and here they are.

1. Cut back on alcohol and sugary beverages

I know most of you guys always have a beer or any other drink in your hand. Alcohol totally dehydrates and sugary drinks well they increase your weight and you as an ALPHA need to cut back on those things and replace it with more and more water. It’s the best drink because it flushes out all those toxins from your body making your skin healthier and hydrated.

2. Look out for your hair

Hair is the source of all your confidence and you should take care of it also keep checking once a week that you don’t have any signs of hair loss and if you do take action right now.

3. Vaseline creates kissable, soft lips

Nothing keeps them soft and supple like Vaseline dose unlike a few products cause they have some kind of drying agent in them so you require more and more.

4. Use baking soda once a week

Using baking soda is one of the best ways to clean your teeth. Its abrasiveness lifts up the tar and dirt on your teeth as well as strengthens your gums.

5. Clean your tongue

That white residue on your tongue, that is smelly food residue and bacteria that starts building up. If you want to test how bad the smell of your breath is by licking your wrist with whole of your tongue and smell it.

6. Edge up your hairline

Just grab a trimmer and a small mirror and remove extra hair from your hairline this will save you from visiting your barber every two weeks.

7. Wash Your Private Parts

Boys you need to do it as most of you use toilet paper and some residue left on pubic hair starts piling up and if a girls go down there it’s actually going to smell like an ass this is why when you’re in the shower make sure scrubbing your private parts.

8. Use lotion on whole body

Now there are different lotions for face and for your body and as soon as you get out of shower your skin is hydrated and to keep that hydration use lotion to trap it because gentlemen nothing is more unattractive than a dry flaky skin.

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