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Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Gaining muscle mass is one of the toughest jobs that a bodybuilder has to take care of. Going to gym and working out is not enough for gaining muscle mass. It needs proper diet, right exercises and planned resting periods. Bodybuilders take years to gain enough muscle mass and conditioning to prepare them for contests.


In the perspective of a bodybuilder our body is made up of Muscle Fibers, Bone, Water and a lots of Fat.

Now you have no control over Bone Mass. With time your bones are gonna weather off or you can maintain it by consuming right amount of Calcium.

But you have control over all other things e.g. Muscle Mass, Fat Quantity and Water entrapped inside the fat tissue.


It is not easy do gain muscle mass, reduce fat quantity, control water level in your body by working out at home. But it is not impossible with proper set up, right exercises and well designed diet. The exercises that can be done without weights are helpful. Calisthenics is a good way to workout at home.

The exercises that are on top of my head are :

Push Ups: This is a good way to burn your chest and triceps. There are many variations to push ups.

a) Traditional Push ups : Focuses on the chest.

b) Wide Handed push up : Focuses on the shoulder.

c) Close Handed push up : Focuses on the Triceps.

d) Spider Man Push up : My personal favourite and one of the most effective push ups. It not only helps in burning up the chest but also your lateral obliques(aka the side abs) by using core power.

e) Decline push up : Focuses more on the upper chest.

f) Incline push ups : Finally the incline push up helps in hitting the lower chest and the triceps.

2. Pull Ups : One of the best exercises to hit the back and the forearms. As you can see in the below picture it is for the all round development of the back and a male body should be able do pull ups to look better. It’s a killer workout.

3. Chin up : Another classic exercise to hit the back but instead of mostly Brachioradialis Muscle in the forearm it focuses on the Biceps Brachii.

4. Squats : Helps to hit the quads and a bit of hamstring.

5. Plank : Focuses on the core. Easy to do at home and convinient.

6. Side Plank : Focuses on the side abs or obliques.

7. Burpees : Finally to finish it off some fat burning cardio will be helpful. Burpee is one of the best in this sector.

All these along with proper diet must help you in gaining some muscle mass upto a limit.

You can also run everyday in the morning for half an hour for which is a good way to take care of the heart and blood circulation in the body.

Apart from that eat green vegetables and fruits, quit consuming sweets, quit eating junk food, quit smoking cigarettes.

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