Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Well gentlemen I know it’s a bit scary with the impact of coronavirus around the globe. I wasn’t going to talk about it but as more it comes out, the more people are getting effected. Most of us are at home just hoping for the best to happen as soon as possible. The world is scared and the question is how are you ALPHAS going to deal with the covid-19? You know how?? By kicking it’s motherfu@#$ng ass. You know what CORONA? Even if you’re going to come I’m gonna beat your ass. Gentlemen, you are strong, your body is amazing just remember to not to fall into the victim mindset also don’t be dumb. You’ve got to not to let it win. Life’s going to get back to normal but till then take care of yourself and your loved ones out there. So, here I’m going to give you some do’s and don’ts to deal with this harsh time.

1) Don’t skip your workout-

I know everything’s closed so most of you are acting lazy but get your ass up do some pushups, squats, buy a set of dumbbells, hit some hiit workouts but don’t skip your workout.

2) Be CLEAN-

No matter what, it should be your top priority to wash your hands, use sanitizer while coming from anywhere and touching anything or anyone.

3) Do not seek alternatives-

I mean c’mon guys you’re better than this. Believing in any treatment or prevention found online or on stupid WhatsApp groups. Don’t believe in anything unless it is advised by a doctor. I know you guys are not that stupid.

4) Do not panic-

Panic only leads to wrong and ill-informed decisions. Just follow basic personal hygiene and don’t believe in any information people are talking about until and unless it’s from a verified source.

5) Maintain social distance and don’t pile up masks-

Maintaining social distance is a clever idea given the circumstance just to be more careful because no idea if someone is infected or not as well as do not pile up disposable masks as not corona but they do contain harmful bacteria and other allergens present in the air so dispose them once you’re done with them.

6) Work on Side Hustle-

Gentlemen this is the best time to be more productive, start your side hustle you’ve been thinking about for months. Read books, gain knowledge about something new, learn a new skill. I know it’s kind of a break from your work hours but instead of crunching snacks and binge-watching Netflix, I’ll advise you to read a nice book, listen to audiobooks even podcasts but make sure to make it as productive as possible

Some of the books that I’ll recommend you-

1- The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

2- The Little Book That Beats The Market by Joel Green Blatt

3- The Warren Buffet Way by Robert Hagstrom

4- Rich Dad-Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki

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