Escape the FRIEND ZONE

Ever heard “I don’t want to ruin what we have” or “You’re like a brother or my best friend to me?” These words are just another way of saying that you’re cool and great guy but I’m not attracted to you.

Being in friend zone is tough. Some of us are hung up for months or even for years though she isn’t changing her feelings towards your sexy ass but that doesn’t mean you’re not good looking or someone else won’t find you attractive. So, here are a few steps which might help you to get out of friend zone if it’s not too late.

1. Accept Reality- You need to accept that you’ve fallen into the friend zone and you’re the only one who put yourself their cause if you had done something in the very beginning you would’ve never made it to the FRIEND ZONE.

2. Cut Back- Don’t be that dude texting her messages all day long or being there when she wants your opinion or a texting buddy for validation onto something. Decrease communication and don’t be afraid to give short one-word response. Say no to hanging out with her. I mean c’mon you’ve got to make some changes. It’s going to make her think what’s going on with her “BEST FRIEND”

3. Build Tension and Start Flirting- You’ve got to make your move. You need to build attraction. You need to start flirting but not that creepy sexual flirting just a light playful teasing.

4. Do YOU- Focus on yourself because once you’re obsessed with a girl you only think about her. Your life revolves around her. Instead focus on what makes you better, going to the gym, building muscles, reading good books and filling up all the weak spots in you and your life as well as ask other girls out from whom you’re not friend zoned from cause this will shift your mind and also rather than getting validation from that one girl you’re living your life, being your own man.

5. Ask her out- Not before one month if you’re following these steps cause if you do it for a few days or a week she’s going to think that you’re just acting weird. When you ask her out make sure you do it in an honest way, make it obvious that you want to date her and not to be just friends anymore.

So, these are the steps that might help you to get out of friend zone but realize that these aren’t going to work 100% cause some girls are just not that into you. But that’s alright because at least you found out and trained yourself for the next time to do things before falling into the friend zone.

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