Gentleman 101

Being a gentleman is not a personality trait but more like a switch which you can turn on and off.

How do you define a gentleman?

Well these few points and useful tips will tell you a few characteristics of a defined gentleman.

1.A gentleman knows worth having is worth working hard for- He knows there are no shortcuts , no free rides to be successful or to earn without your hustle.

2.Minds his own business- A gentleman is not interested in listening or gossiping others life. Why

so? Because he is too busy carving out his life and being successful.

3.Confident not Arrogant-

Confident: A confident person is not afraid to recognize his mistake and apologize for them as well as he takes lead when his skills matches the requirement

Arrogant: An arrogant person never admits his mistakes and takes lead all the time whether another person would be a lot better for the task.

4. He never tells- Not interested in gossiping, spreading rumors, always protects integrity of himself and the people around him.

5. What he says is what he means- A gentleman knows to express his thoughts, opinions and feelings without being rude and insensitive.

6. Knows how to DANCE- Not like the dude always moon-walking in the weddings or parties But a little so he can hold his lady confidently on the dance floor.

7. Help people with baggage- If a gentleman spots someone struggling with something he always offers his help or assistance.

8. Dress for the occasion- A gentleman knows what to wear, when to wear and where to wear. Don’t you think how terrible and disrespectful it will be to show up in a wedding in slacks or a sloppy ass suit. Ow

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