How To Look Better NAKED

Gentlemen confidence is all about being your best in who you are at the moment and dealing with obstacles like a BADASS. The point is when you strip away your lifestyle, fashion, stylish tailored clothes are you still that confident ALPHA? The truth is gentlemen not all of us are born with a Greek god body and most of us might never get one but don’t worry this is why I’m here for. I’m going to tell you a few things you can do strategically to help our body look better NAKED.

1. Develop that booty

You don’t want a flat old man ass when you’re naked so do some squats, lunges to build that sexy, muscular ass.

2. Trim your Pubes

Let the tiger out of the jungle. A big, fluffy overgrown bush is nit necessarily the best look for most men and it never works for the hotty going down on you. Just trim it down a bit and a plus side is it’ll make your junk look bigger.

3.Body Part Pruning

Gentlemen I am not saying to shave or wax your back, arms and shoulders just take a trimmer, set a number and make it even.

4. Do 100 pushups and crunches daily

I don’t care if its in one go or 10 sets of 10 reps but make it work. It will not take much time and will surely give your muscles something.

5. Lose 5 pounds

You need to be fit. You need to lose that hanging fat of yours so Why not start with a small goal?

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