Move on from your EX

So you’re heartbroken and all you can think about is your ex who left you for a dude so much less awesome than you Well my little Alpha be patient because the next spicy senorita will come in your life but till then I need to stop you from texting your ex to save your self-respect and dignity. So here are a few texts you should never send your ex-

1. ‘Promising to Change’ text-

You changed like what in a day? And If you were the guy who was doing all the stuff in the relationship then just don’t text her this and let her leave. You deserve better.

2. ‘Can we just meet’ text-

Why do you want to meet her again? She’s the one who left you for someone else. If you think that she’s going to change when she sees you trust me this ain’t going to happen buddy, I’ve been there too.

3. ‘The angry ‘text-

I get it you’re going through a lot of emotions at the moment like pleading, begging, anger but no matter what don’t send her text cursing her or getting angry on her because you might think that its going to make you feel better but you’ll only end up sending the 4th text.

4. ‘Apologizing for the angry text’-

Just don’t do it.

5. ‘Begging to take you back’ text-

I mean seriously bro all you’re doing right now is losing all your respect for the woman who left you for someone else.

6. ‘This made me think of you’ text-

This will make her think that you still haven’t moved on from her which you should.

7. ‘Let’s be friends’ text

Who are you kidding? You don’t want to be friends with your ex instead you want to do nasty things with her because we all have enough friends.


I know breakups are hard and its harder to move on from those memories, those good times you shared but remember that they are your ex for a reason and maybe it wasn’t just right and never forget that You deserve better than what you went through because of her. Don’t worry because if it wasn’t right for this one it will be for the next one.

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