Signs You've Found The One

So Women huh, They’re not created equal. Some are beautiful but dumb as fuck while some are sexy hot spicy senorita but a complete disaster emotionally. How are you supposed to know “She’s the one”? If you could simply skip all the fake ones and all the time wasters, how much easier would life be?

So Gentlemen, Today I’m going to tell you 7 signs to know she’s the one.

1. You’ll be scared of losing her instead of scared of being committed and married to her

When you imagine her with someone else, you’ll be scared as hell and be like NOO, SHE’S MINE. You want to be with her no matter what and the fear of being committed to that one person will be nothing in front of fear of losing her.

2. She balances you out

Believe it or not having what you want isn’t always what you need. A strong man needs a strong woman who can handle him but also, he needs her to be soft and calming so that she can help him to mellow out. The right woman will be able to do this and you’ll know its her because you’ll have much more peace in your life than ever before.

3. Makes you want to be a better person

Right woman will never criticize or drain you out instead she’s going to support and uplift your dreams.

She’s gonna be with you to support you when you’re right no matter what and to smack your ass when you’re down the wrong path.

4. You are Yourself

Instead of putting on a face, instead of acting someone you’re not, you can be completely you in front of her. She wont judge you and You’ll be just more than happy when you’re with her.

5. She Makes an effort with you

A healthy relationship focuses on giving instead of taking. Seeing your significant other happy should make you as happy and treat you the same way. Your joy should be her joy too – It can be as simple as asking about your day or taking care of you when you’re sick.

6. She’s honest with you

Honesty is the most important trait for a life long relationship and if you can’t trust your partner how can you tell them things or even believe in whatever they say to you? Be with someone who respects you enough to be honest with you even when it’s the most difficult thing.

7. You choose to be with them instead of any other place

Yes, you wanna be with them no matter what and when you’re not with them all you can think about is that person and you’ll only have an urge to see them again as soon as possible. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be with your friends or go out this means you’ll choose to be with them instead being with other people whenever and as much as possible.

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