Surprising things that lower your Testosterone.

Why is Testosterone important and why we macho, healthy men care about? Reason is because it is the male hormone and is responsible for lots of amazing things about you including your sexual health, hair health, muscle mass, bone density and many more. The lower it goes the crappier you’ll get. So, here I’m going to tell you a few everyday things that are lowering your testosterone level.

1- Soy

I know it contains a lot of protein but it also contains what we call phytoestrogen which while consuming more raises estrogen levels while suppressing your testosterone levels.

2- Steroids

Do not take synthetic testosterone because at first your testosterone levels are at the top but the problem arises when you stop taking them because your balls are geniuses and when you’re filled with testosterones they’ll think that they don’t need to work harder so they slows down the process of actual production of testosterone.

3- Refined Carbohydrates

When you consume white bread or white pasta it spikes up your insulin levels disturbing your hormonal pathways resulting in reduction of testosterone levels.

4- Sugar or Sugary Beverages

Oxford study has shown that consuming 75 gms of sugar per day reduces your testosterone levels by 25%.

5- Hormones in Meat

It’s gonna be a bummer for a lot of you guys including myself. Meats that you find in the grocery stores are filled with hormones unless it says grass-fed or hormone free. Earlier I used to think like its stupid and its just meat but the more I learned and the more I saw the difference I realized that organic is a zillion times beneficial and I myself consume grass-fed meat.

6- Stress

It’s a bitch isn’t it? It can jack you up in a lot of ways but when it comes to testosterone not so good. When you’re under a lot of stress your body releases cortisol aka stress hormone and as it goes up testosterone levels goes down.

7- Beer

Researches shown that alcohol consumption lowers testosterone levels by 7%. But it gets much worse because hops present in beer shows a major impact on testosterone levels. Hops actually has estrogen properties.

8 Lack of sleep

Sleep is incredibly important for every single aspect of your life and if you are not getting enough sleep you are absolutely crushing yourself in a lot of ways and testosterone levels in one of them.

9 Flax seed

Another bummer for you guys because it contains omega-3 but what it also contains is lignin and increase in lignin means decrease in testosterones.

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