Things Men Should Never Wear.

Hello Gentlemen, I’m going to cut the crap and tell you a few things that you as an ALPHA or even as a man should never wear. It shouldn’t be sometimes; shouldn’t be occasionally it should NEVER be done under any circumstances in my opinion.

Let’s go ahead

1. Large Logo Clothing –

Well it’s a smart marketing move for the companies but what about you? You’re not a bill board. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy branded clothes instead ensure that you purchase a cloth with a small logo. Just keep it simple and classy.

2. Too Much Fragrance –

Too much fragrance is always a turn off. Its often said that “Fragrance must be discovered not announced” The fact is most men have a poor sense of smell and are desensitized to their everyday cologne resulting in too much fragrance on body.

3. Velcro Shoes –

What you doing little Alpha? That’s a style sin unless you’re wearing a diaper and eating babyfood.

4. Deep V-neck –

Another style sin and a public ridicule is wearing is a deep V-neck which also shows poor taste in fashion. A normal V-neck or a Henley is far better.

5. Baggy Clothing –

Well I hope you’re not unprofessional and a sloppy ass dude because if you wear baggy clothes you are Mumma’s boy. Be an ALPHA, wear clothes that fits you well because it’ll not only flatter your body shape but it’ll also boost your confidence.

6. Shiny club shirt –

Is it disco night? Nice, and you reserved your shiny shirt for it. Well the rage or trend of shiny shirts was over 2-3 decades ago instead switch to a plain, classic outfit.

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