Things that guys do girls love

1.You gotta smell good - Don't dose yourself in cologne, however. A little deodorant and soap goes a long way. Even the simple smell of your fresh laundry can be intoxicating

2.When you make a small gesture, like opening the door for them or offering your jacket - Be a gentleman and you'll win major brownie points.

3.Confident guys are sexy - Be secure in who you are. This kind of goes with the last tip. Don't try to be someone you're not and also don't be so shy that we find you approachable. Smile and be yourself.

4.Catch you randomly looking at them (Don't be a creep) - This is incredibly sexy. Catching you glancing at us is the BIGGEST compliment we can get from a guy, and it makes us want you more!

5.When you wear a suit(lingerie to guys as Suits to women) - Girls love guys in suits the same way guys love girls in dresses. Any guy that can clean up nice in a suit has our attention.

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