Things you need to STOP doing to your body

Hello gentlemen, Now I know its been a while since I posted but its been a busy time for me and you all might see something new in a short while but more on that later. Let’s start with today’s topic. Now we all know smoking, drinking and eating crappy junk food are pretty much obvious things you need to stop and I wont waste your time writing about that but I am going to tell you a few things that you need to stop because they are slowly disintegrating your body and your life.

1. Microwaving food with refined carbs-

Gentlemen some studies have shown that the microwave radiation heats the dough to such temperature that it changes carbs in the dough and may cause degenerative diseases.

2. Styrofoam Products-

Yes, its been said number of times these products are bad for environment as well as you. These products contain a toxic chemical called styrene that have a close connecting with developing cancer, vision and hearing problems. This chemical leach out when we consume hot food or drinks.

3. Using Bluetooth EarPods-

I will not be a hypocrite, I use them too but the thing is they are designed to fit perfectly in your ear but heavy usage can cause canal infections and stuck earwax which will result in hearing loss so just make sure you maintain a proper hygiene of the ear canal.

4. Scrubbing your hair aggressively-

When you’re out of the shower never scrub your hair harshly, aggressively because it will pull out a lot of hair and may damage your hair follicles permanently.

5. Blue Light-

Yes, it’s one of the most harmful things and if you are a person who spends more than 2 hours on your phone/laptop you are most likely to experience a few symptoms. It causes insomnia, hypertension, stress on eye etc.

Try using blue light filter on your gadget as well as use blue light filter spectacles.

6. Holding your pee-

The longer you’re going to hold your pee the weaker your bladder muscles will get and also your body will be exposed to bacteria in your pee for a longer period of time.

7. Plastic utensils/bottles-

All you’re going to do is ingest harmful micro-plastics with your food it’s better if you switch to glass/aluminium container.

8. Mosquito coil/Incense sticks-

Yes, they both contain hazardous and harmful fumes that lead to many health risks like asthma, cancer and increase risk of heart / cardiovascular diseases.

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