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Okay Gentlemen Its time to show you some people who motivated me to start my own blog. I mean there are tons of youtubers and bloggers out there giving garbage but here I enlist these ALPHAS who encouraged me, motivated me to start THE ALPHALOGY.

1. Aaron Marino

Aaron Marino aka alpha m. is one of the best and most experienced men’s fitness and lifestyle youtuber with about 5.87 million subscribers. Well most of Aaron’s viewers call him their online dad. He is also owner of brands like Pete&Pedro, Enemy and Tiege Hanley.

Youtube- alpha m.

Instagram- aaronmarino


Aaron Marino

Tiege Hanley

Enemy Shades


2. Jose Zuniga

Known for his channel TeachingMensFashion which was initially started by two brothers. The channel provides you with information about latest trends and it’s also a great motivation to be a millionaire in your early 20’s. Jose also owns brands like and

Youtube- TeachingMensFashion

Instagram- Jose Zuniga

Websites- TeachingMensFashion



3. David De Las Morenas

David here is our beast and posts videos on his youtube channel howtobeast in which he provides content about building confidence and getting jacked. Most of his videos are with his girlfriend Julia. He also have a few fitness programs and he’s the owner of famous clothing brand edge lifestyle. David is also a promoter of Alphalete and Transparent Labs.

Youtube- How To Beast

Instagram- Howtobeast

Websites- HowToBeast

Edge Lifestyle

4. Alex Costa

Our L.A. man has been making videos since 2011 on his channel alexcosta. Started with video game channel and working full time at google now he is one of the best men’s lifestyle youtuber. Do check out his forte series.

Youtube- Alex Costa

Instagram- Alex Costa

Website- Forte Series

5. Mayank Bhattacharya

One from my own country India, Mayank is one of the best men’s lifestyle youtuber. I’m not being biased because Mayank is from my country, he is actually a great content creator for Indian men as well as for men worldwide. Do check out his channel

themayankbhattacharya. Mayank is also owner of TMB basics.

Youtube- Mayank Bhattacharya

Instagram- themayankbhattacharya

Websites- Mayank Bhattacharya

TMB Basics

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