Top Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Needs.

Gentlemen you need to look sexy. You need to look and be an Alpha. Having a complete wardrobe is making sure you have all essentials covered and to upgrade your style I’m going to tell you a few wardrobe essentials every man needs.

1. A well-tailored navy/grey suit

Whenever you think about a gentleman, a man with a fine ass suit pop ups in your head. Nothing more is better for formal occasion than a suit.

2. A white/black tee shirt

I said it before and I’ll say it again they’re clean, basic but make sure that they fit you right.

3. Denim Jacket

A denim jacket can be easily worn under a long wool during winters while a great outfit over a plain tee shirt in warmer weather.

4. Medium washed denim jeans

It looks incredible, it fits amazing and it goes with almost everything.

5. Suede Boots

Suede boots have become one of my favorite footwear. Trust me gentlemen they are amazing and super stylish. They give you a different level of texture and richness.

6. Light weight V-neck sweater

It has been, is and will always be one of my personal favorite options. If you want do layer it up with a plain shirt.

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