Tricks to Look better In Every Picture

Not everyone is born as a photogenic model that looks good on every picture, but no matter what type of model you are, These 10 tricks will help you next time you are posing in front of the camera or going to a casting!

These few tricks will help you to look better in every picture

1.Find the lens — poke it with your finger to verify. From now on, look at there for all pictures. When taking a mirror selfie, find the lens too. If the camera is someone else’s, ask them where to look. Always look at the camera rather than look at yourself.

2.Know what color what to wear — white is the worst because it jacks-up the exposure. If you want to wear white, layer so the white is not quite so much. Blue is the best picture taking color you can wear in pictures. Black is a close 2nd because it doesn’t interfere with the background or your skin tone.

3.Wear a little bling — set yourself apart from everyone else in the picture. Wear your watch closest to the camera.

4.Know where to stand — stand next to a window when inside; when outside, the sun is not your friend (find a shady spot).

5.Elevate the camera and lower the chin

6.Smile properly for the camera — don’t contort your face. Instead, press your tongue against your teeth.

7.Have a girl kiss you on the cheek — you will automatically look better

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