Tricks To Look Busy When You Feel Awkward

Ever been in one of those awkward moments where nobody’s talking to you and you’re sitting there and twiddling your thumb on your phone and doing nothing. Yeah it becomes super awkward and YES people notice and burying yourself behind your phone will not help so let me help you to save you from some embarrassment for the next time you’re feeling awkward whether you’re at a party and no one is talking to you or at work where you’re supposed to be busy.

1.Script an Email - The thing is when someone sees a person writing an email they’ll automatically leave that person alone thinking that they’re doing something important, plus you can only email to yourself something like your grocery list or your to-do list because just using your phone makes it pretty obvious of what you’re trying to do.

2. Use Headphones – Just think about it you’re never going to disturb anyone with headphones on because you will think that they’re in their zone. So always carry a pair of headphones with you.

3. Learn to say ‘NO’ – Only busy people say No. People who got nothing to do are always available and say yes to Everything. So, if you say no a few times people are going to respect your time more.

4. Walk in Urgency – Whether you’re going to the bathroom or the vending machine just look like you need to get somewhere. People are going to assume you’re in a hurry and they won’t bother you.

5. Don’t give dry responses – Don’t use not much cause you’re in a conversation and when someone asks how is it going and you reply with “Not Much” in a conversation because when someone asks you ‘How is it going? And you reply with not much it just kills the conversation over there instead keep a story ready because if not it will only show you got nothing in your life and having a story to talk about even if you are not an interesting person it will show that there’s something going on with your life.

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